Bundle troubleshooting. Bundle not selling? Look here!

By Katharyne Shelton

Let's talk troubleshooting.

  • 1. Technical problems

    I'm always happy to look at people's bundles and by far, the most common showstopping technical problems I see are usually in the pictures or the title.

    Bear in mind, that when a customer searches for 'Valentine bear bundle' (for example) they will see several listings on their screen and will choose one to click for more information. To get their click, your picture needs to be clear and eyecatching and your title needs to quickly explain what the product is.

    For the picture, this means as little white space as possible and the most eyecatching product in a focal place. If you have a bear and a plain box in your bundle, focus on the bear, not the box. Better yet, focus on his eyes. Make it appealing. Use bright colors.

    For the title, explain what is in the bundle clearly and efficiently. If there's candy or snacks, put the weight or size of the candy. Remember the title serves two purposes - to be full of searchable keywords and to explain what the product is. Try not to repeat words more than once in the title. If you include edible products, put it in the grocery category and remember to include a photo of nutritional information. Otherwise, use the most appropriate category. If a plush toy is focal or your target audience is kids, this will likely be toys.

  • 2.Target Audience Issues

    Ok, so the first problem is being too vague with your target audience. A hearts and flowers Valentine bundle may have general appeal but it's never going to be seen or found among all the noise of Valentine listings. So you HAVE to have something unique, special or niche about it.

    But be careful, there's a trap here. Let's say you decide to make a travel gift. It includes a luggage with a small Eiffel tower motif. You look at this and start writing about how this is a bundle for Parisians and people who've visited Paris. You've just excluded everyone else who just casually likes French things or just wants to travel around cities and thinks it's a cute case.

    So what you do is keep your title and description fairly open.
    "Romantic Travel Gift - 3 Pieces Includes World City Clock, Luggage Tags and Suitcase with Eiffel Tower Paris motif"

    This includes a bunch of keywords but has general appeal to anyone who wants to travel. It will appeal to people who love Paris but also those who just have a casual interest.

    Similarly, if you have a box of chocolates with a Persian cat on the front, you could totally aim it at Persian cat owners. That's GREAT and they'll love it, but they're a small subsection. A much bigger set is cat owners and a bigger set still is people who may or may not own cats but think Persian cats are cute. You want to catch them all so you need to get all the keywords in - load up the keyword field with anything relevant to cats, kittens, Persian cats, maybe even ragdoll/ragamuffin and related breeds etc. But try to stay away from being exclusionary or too specific in your description of the audience for your product. As soon as you say "Does your girlfriend own a Persian cat?" you've limited your audience way, way down. People will think "Oh, well that's not for me. I just thought the design was cute" - You want EVERYONE to think that the product is 'made just for me' :)

  • 3. Analyse what's going wrong

    If you're not getting sales, go check out Reports > Business Reports > By ASIN Detail Page Sales and Traffic by Child Item

    If your buy box percentage is low, your price is probably too high (or you've set a retail price too low). Page views show how many times your listing has been viewed and includes multiple views by one person. Session count is how many individual people have looked at it.

    If your listing is not getting views, you need better keywords in your title and keyword fields. If your listing is getting views but no sales, your problem is likely with the price, with missing or confusing information in the description or bulletpoints.. or there's something they don't like about an item in the bundle.

Pin your bundles! Get on Pinterest and pin them. Share them with your facebook friends or in related facebook groups (if the admin allows it). Give PPC a whirl - just budget a few dollars and see if it launches your product. Get honest reviews if you can. Boost your visibility on and off-Amazon