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You guys rock and I learned everything I know about creating listings from you and have been able to adapt and apply many tips to other ventures :) Bea Bee Babb
All of your courses give more than we expect when we start them. They give enough examples that you have visual to help you to create your own creations...Coloring Mastermind was again really great.... I have sold more of the coloring books than I thought I would… one of my coloring books has sold 79 copies since I published it. Katharyne is really great... You get everything you need to be successful... Marilyn Southmayd
Bundles - wouldn't have understood it as much by not taking the class. It was worth every penny...If you want to make money on Amazon, take the class! Catherine Renee
Loved all the courses. Sherri
No where else will you find such enthusiasm, creativity and transparency in sourcing bundles at a price point that is perfect for FBA entry and beyond. Wendy Siegel
In March 2015 I heard about your Bundles Masterclass. In my first month of Amazon selling and with a limited budget, I debated spending money on the course. Thank God that I did, because it has totally changed my business model! Within 8 weeks, your training paid for itself at least 20 times over! (And that's a low estimate, I promise.) I learned new skills that enabled me to reach my 5 month sales goal in that first month of Bundling! I have gone on to make Bundles a huge part of my business. So far I've created 83 different bundles and sold hundreds of them, with an average profit of more than 500%. And the best thing about bundles is that there is no competition! I never have to share the buy box because no one else is selling the exact same thing. The biggest surprise for me was that with your techniques, my bundles have always started selling within a week, and I've never paid a penny to advertise them. Your training for making and optimizing listings has worked for me 100% of the time! I hear other people talk about paid advertising or giving away products to get reviews and get their products noticed, and I always tell them about this course! Sorry to gush, but I really can't say enough good things about it! Lauren Fisher
The bundles course has been invaluable! The amount of content included in this course is amazing! Thank you! Carrie Young
I love how the content is broken down into all the details someone needs to start with and end up with the results they want to achieve. The support of the Facebook group is what I call the continuing education and Catharyne constantly helps out and is an incredible help. I highly recommend any of Catharyne's classes. Eva Dobilas
Great information, useful, practical, and doable. No smoke and mirrors, just honest information with tons of encouragement. Jalin Huff
Great class! Katharyne is a wonderful teacher. She gives step by step instructions and examples. You can tell she is genuine and loves what she does and is will to share information for us to succeed! Linda Lorti
The awesome thing about the Bundling course is it not only paid for itself, but over the next several months my "bundling" profits have been truly amazing. Katharyne mentions in the course that an easy way to do bundles is to find a formula for your bundles that works for one season and then repeat it in another season. That way of thinking has helped me to be very successful with my bundles in a short period of time. Diane Eden
I love your presentation because you have a knack for making the complicated simple. Ian Kirk
Your classes are very thorough & really inspire me to get the creative juices flowing and try something new. Love the follow up support of the groups too. Always postive & helpful. Diana Fabia
Joining the bundles class was the best investment I have made! Learning how to take pictures, create listings, promoting my listings, these are all things that definitely took my business up a notch! Money McGee
It is very easy to follow and it takes you step by step on how to start with bundles Brenda
Very comprehensive courses in easy to understand format. TF-J
Just wanted to say Thank you to Katharyne Shelton. Just finished the videos and I’m off to see what I can find for my first bundle. Great course worth every penny!!! Tammy Dionne
Katharyne Shelton’s Bundling MasterClass is worth far more that the money you will spend to purchase it. Her style is relaxed and simple to understand. Katharyne’s teaching helps you use the creativity you might not have even known you had, to have some fun and make money at the same time. I am so glad I bought this course! Helen Tucker
You will have enough confidence and knowledge after watching the course to go out and get started. I just got home from a Valetine’s Day clearance run and am amazed by how much I found that I can use in my Easter bundles. Make the investment in this course. You will see a return on investment very soon. You can never go wrong investing in yourself!! It’s your future!! Lisa W
I loved it. Went through it in two consecutive days and learned tons about bundling and Amazon. It was very comprehensive and so much more than I expected. I really enjoyed the delivery of information. Katharyne does a great job of offering high level information in a super simple way. The Facebook group is extremely valuable as well. It's just an amazing value at multiple times the price. Thank you. Lauri Flaquer
All of Katharyne's courses are highly accessible for even the most novice of sellers and offer practicable suggestions and solutions for thinking "outside the box" to grow your business. I appreciate the genuine enthusiasm that comes across in all of her groups and courses. Adrienne Mawson
It has helped me a lot in my Amazon business. Ideas I would have not thought of. I pay more attention to things that I feel would go well together. Great videos! Anissa
This course is amazing. I learned so much valuable information that will help my business grow. Not only has this course helped me in my Amazon business, it has helpes me come up with ideas to create my own product. Maria Singh
Where does one start? The creators are kind, involved, honest, supportive, on point, helpful, motivational, approachable, extremely knowledgeable and give incredible value for the money spent! Ramona
It is very helpful. It is very organized, and everything is explained in great detail. Katharyne and Isaac are great! Heather
Easy, fun and step by step instructions. Really got me out there and doing it instead of just wanting more info and being afraid to start. Diane Albright
Fantastic for beginners, a detail oriented navigation tool that takes the user from bundle inception to prepping for shipment....and addresses all the little questions along the way. I didn't realize how much I needed it, my success is Bundle-Based! Felicia Wichrowsk
The Bundles course was terrific! I especially liked "how to create a listing" and "creating keywords." I loved Katharyne's energy!! Suzanne Anderson
The course is very thorough and specific. Excellent step-by-step, easy to follow instructions. Cindy T
The bundlers class is the best one I've seen... so many others have erroneous info in them. Sandy Alonzo
I love this course because it really teaches one how to bundle items for Amazon in a easy to follow manner. I was always scared and thought doing bundling would be too hard and unattainable for me. The course is well thought out and valuable to FBAers. I feel confident after taking this course that I can do it and it is way more fun than regular RA! Rosa Fariab
This is an amazing course. Well researched and presented. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. I would have been lost assembling my first bundle without this video. Than you so much for making it. DK
I highly recommend any course that Katharine puts out. She over-delivers in content, caring, sharing, loving and always available. She pours out her heart and soul to all members. She makes all her courses very "family oriented." She's the best! CG
Clear and easy to understand. Excellent facilitator. Fun and enthusiastic. LW
It is an awesome course, I have learned so much from it. G
The Zoom casts. The real life examples and ideas for bundling. Not just abstract concepts. DM
So much information and Katharyne's enthusiasm is contagious. Everything is explained in detail and is easy to follow. This course is on-going with each bundlecast that is added so it is great value for money. Love the interaction with members on the bundlecasts. CG
Regarding the Bundling Masterclass: I had the fortune of being able to watch the class on a 50 inch TV! It was fantastic! I strongly urge you to hook up your hdmi and watch it on TV also wink emoticon Katharyne’s class was fun and informative and like many of you, I too am on a shoestring budget but I felt it was justified to spend money (claimable as a business expense) on my business. Prior to finding this class I had spent about 2 ½ months online reading like crazy and watching every video I could get my hands on to learn how to sell on amazon. I usually do take the “self taught” approach. Taking this course would have saved me over 2 months that I could have been earning an income. It has jump started my business and has far more value than the promotional introductory rate. Don’t hesitate and be late! Karen Strong
Thank you Katharyne… I truly appreciate everything. To me, your class is truly a game changer for my AZ business. Agus Purwanto

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