Blue Sky Create - The Megacourse

The course contains well over 15 hours of video instruction by Katharyne Shelton. No matter your learning style, the course is filled with real life examples, strategies and ideas. There are walkthroughs for simple specific products and a wealth of techniques and suggestions for developing your own ideas from your first product concept to your expanding brand.

Within 8 weeks, your training paid for itself at least 20 times over!
~ Lauren Fisher

Now includes FREE Blue Sky Membership!

Membership includes:

Are you ready for Create?

  • Been told retail arbitrage is your bread and butter but you've been scanning for hours and the margins aren't there?
  • Installed every Online Arbitrage plugin or bought every BOLO list and the competition still beat you to the deals (and tanked the price)?
  • Everyone else jumped on that $5,000 Private Label course and you feel like you got left behind?
  • Competition is killing you?
  • You really want to launch your own product but ordering from China is just too much risk?
  • You've had some success with bundles but now you really want to put together your own gift sets, kits or packages?
  • Your products are doing fine but you want to drive new traffic to them and learn to REALLY market?
  • Or maybe you're brand new, eager, motivated and ready to learn to sell online or finally 'learn Amazon'?

If the answer to ANY of these is yes, it's time to check out Create!

Katharyne does a great job of offering high level information in a super simple way.
~ Lauri Flaquer

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Blue Sky Create is the result of three years of selling on Amazon full time and teaching others how to sell. I've worked with countless sellers to help them launch their bundles, their products and their books successfully. We've achieved dozens of #1 Bestsellers and #1 New Releases on and now I've refined it into a complete model for selling safely, profitably and effectively.

You will learn how to:

  • Create brand new products for Amazon. Walkthroughs include candy, jewelry, paper goods like giftwrap and cards, coffee and tea, clothes and all kinds of books from coloring books to journals.
  • Find hot trends, really understand hashtags and how to use them, learn how to newsjack like a pro and spot buzzwords and hot topics before they take hold.
  • Spot the four elements of a winning product and put them to use over and over again.
  • Source from anywhere and target great suppliers right here in the US, whatever your project.
  • Take the fear out of wholesale. You'll talk to wholesalers in their own language. We even include example paperwork and step by step guide through the whole process.
  • Publish all kinds of books. No writing skills? No problem. You can have coloring books, homeschool books, puzzle books, cookbooks, journals and so much more out there in days!
  • Source great, unique artwork for your product. We've already weeded the junk to find GREAT sources of completely usable images. We even share how to source music and text.
  • Package your product professionally, fulfill labeling obligations and Amazon's requirements.
  • Hire graphic designers and virtual assistants for all kinds of tasks. We guide you step by step through the hiring process to make sure you get exactly the right person for the job you want and avoid some common pitfalls.
  • Create a GREAT listing on Amazon from scratch with tips on how to get professional photographs without spending a fortune, choose the best keywords and write persuasive text.
  • Market your products smartly and effectively using social media, influencers, even the media. Learn to drive targeted buyers straight to your listings.

And so much more...

But what is this course really about? Well, we give you the tools to find out what buyers want, the niches they love and the keywords they search for. Our exclusive niche machine has over 10,000 niches ranked by interest. Our SkyWords software delivers real time search data. You'll already know what customers are desperately hunting for. Other sellers stop at trendy t-shirt designs and copycat garlic presses. But YOU will have the power and knowledge to reach out with perfumes, shower curtains, backpacks, craft kits or anything else you can dream of. Other sellers invest thousands of dollars putting all their eggs in one PL product basket. You'll be flexible and nimble enough to try different ideas, then go deep on the best.

The first wave of membership to Create was 200 people strong and among them, we have a 100% satisfaction rate. Our members are busy launching, selling and marketing their own products and even joining together to launch whole product lines. The 'Create' spirit and support has to be experienced!

This is a huge course, packed with walkthroughs and information and we've been told over and over again that we should charge more for it but we believe that the course needs to be affordable and that ALWAYS overdeliver.

So far, we have given our members numerous bonuses including enhanced Skycasts 'Monetize History', 'Summer School' and 'Your Brand, Your Freedom' videos, all one hour classes packed with real product examples and blueprints. We share dozens of tips and ideas in our exclusive, private Facebook group including suppliers we love, artwork ideas, product walkthroughs and bonus videos. One example is the brief video where I shared an awesome method for quickly growing your Facebook page. The next day, several members reported significant growth in their page followers.

Create now includes full Blue Sky Membership.

Membership includes:

Access to all our Blue Sky Suite software tools including:

SkyWords SkyWords - Learn what customers are really hunting for. Access dozens or even hundreds of keyword suggestions for any topic you can think of, color coded by popularity. Keywords are drawn from a selection of popular marketplaces and search engines from real time data and compiled by our tailored algorithms. We present them as 'Inspirations' to help you generate new product ideas or 'Hot searches' to use as keywords in your product information.

Niche Machine Niche Machine - Over 10,000 niches compiled personally by Katharyne, divided into categories and ranked by popularity.

Sky Palette Sky Palette - Generate beautiful palettes of color from any photograph or image. Use the palettes to design your packaging, book cover or marketing images you dream of. Sky Palette also returns color names, allowing you to describe your product accurately in Pantone precision or Crayola simplicity.

SkyAI SkyAI - Our experimental tool which gives a new perspective on products and themes. Analyse the real purpose or needs of your product.

Katwords Katwords - Learn more about bestsellers in any category on Amazon. Find the most popular words and terms and spot current trends.

Directory - Over 80 white label-friendly suppliers Directory - A growing directory of over 80 white label-friendly suppliers.

My Cloud - Save keywords, niches and ideas Plus our Blue Sky 'My Cloud' system which allows you to save keywords, niches and ideas and to research them further with one click.

Access to all our previous courses including:

The Bundling Masterclass The Bundle Masterclass - Katharyne's original course is the definitive guide to the art of bundling. 500 happy students have taken this course, generating hundreds of successful bundles on between them. No-one understands bundles like Katharyne and her teaching emphasises white hat, policy-abiding bundling with a creative flair that leaves customers delighted and competitors shaking their head in disbelief. Famous for the line, “Don't make stupid bundles!” - this course is four hours of bundling goodness, jampacked with real examples plus the replays of eight live 'bundlecasts', covering bundle ideas and guidance for all the major holidays. Watch this and never make a Stupid Bundle again.

Introduction to Coloring Books for Adults Introduction to Coloring Books for Adults - Katharyne spotted the adult coloring book trend when it was just getting started and she was ready to pounce. This short course focuses on how to make a marketable coloring book eve if you can't draw a stickman. We are proud of all our many students who have gone on to become published coloring book authors. Two of our alumni, Sasha O'Hara and Jordan Colton have achieved incredible success with their books. Sasha reached the top ten bestseller list in the main Books category on and hit the number one adult coloring book slot in Spring, 2016, beating even Johanna Basford and Harry Potter with her literary masterpiece “Calm The F* Down.” Jordan's 'Horrid Coloring Book' brand has become a cult classic, his books including including'Night of the Living Dead' and 'Manos: Hands of Fate' are stocked in local bookstores, getting international recognition in the horror circuit and winning him a place in MST3K's reunion.

Facebook Magic Facebook Magic - A replay of our live seminar. Learn to create a Facebook page for your brand, build awesome shareable posts and boost them to the audience you want to reach. We also go in-depth on how to use Facebook Audience Insights to research audience demographics and figure out which products people are really looking for.

Selling in Sexual Wellness Selling in Sexual Wellness - Also known as the XXX course, Katharyne put aside British decorum and presented an alternate guide to selling adult products on Amazon. Many sellers shy away from this category and related products, yet it is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative niches in the US. From the 1 in 5 Americans with a disability to the 6,000 attendees at Anthrocon furry convention, Katharyne shows you which demographic are not being served in Amazon's catalogue and how you can fill those gaps. This course also includes extensive lists of specialist wholesalers, resources and a special edition of the niche machine featuring over 600 SW niches ordered by popularity and with fast research click options.