If your product isn't selling

By Katharyne Shelton

Five super quick things to do if your Amazon product isn't selling

  • 1. Keywords. Make sure you're using all the keywords people might use to find your product. Use your senses to examine the product - flavors, colors, style, smell. Then consider who it appeals to, what it is going to be used for, where and when it is going to be used. Think like a buyer and use keywords buyers are likely to search for. Use Skywords if you have access to it to get ideas. Otherwise try ubersuggest.org or even Google Adwords.
  • 2. Visit your business reports and find your item under Detail Page Sales and Traffic by Child Item - that will tell you how many people are looking at your products. If you're getting page views, you may need to work on pics and descriptions. If you're not getting many page views it's likely a keyword problem. Remember your title and bulletpoints are searchable too. If you can naturally include your best keywords in there without spamming, then do so.
  • 3. Go over your listing and view it as a buyer. Get a friend to look at it too.. Does the title clearly explain what you're selling? Could your description be more persuasive? Are your images crisp, clear and attractive? Do your bulletpoints cover all the pertinent information about your product?
  • 4. You need to build your rank up. If organic keywords aren't getting you found, consider running pay per click advertising or giving away a few units if your item with a promo code in return for honest reviews. Two or three reviews can make a world of difference to getting a product moving.
  • 5. Consider more social media advertising - Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, even Tumblr to pull people directly to your listing.