What is a white label product?

We define it as a unique product you are proud of that you can sell for a profit. This course picks out simple examples such as greetings cards, tea, crafting materials, cosmetics and candy and shows how to produce them at low cost, working with US suppliers. The techniques you learn can be used to create anything from pet toys to leggings. Building on our success with adult coloring books, the course also covers self-publishing in depth, demonstrating several styles of book you can produce and sell quickly with no writing skills.

Isn't creating a product expensive?

We offer a range of options from print-on-demand (Merch, Zazzle, CreateSpace) which are free through to custom manufacturers. Our focus is on getting you started with affordable products and we hope you grow your confidence and finance to a point where you can truly scale your business.

The suppliers we share have low minimum quantities and many can work with you to customise your products. While you can begin with no budget at all, to really fast-track your business we recommend putting aside a budget of approximately $500 to $1000 but it's really up to you. You can also go in deeper if you have a high end idea. The skills you will learn apply to all products. We recommend testing your products in small quantities and experimenting until you are comfortable enough to invest deeper. We NEVER recommend diving in with large orders before you are ready.

Give me a brief breakdown of the course

First you will learn Katharyne's key concepts of marketing including

  • How to identify and target a specific audience
  • How to make sure people find your product
  • How to make your product so appealing people will obsess on it
  • How to upvalue your product
  • How to intersect ideas, niches and concepts like a master

Then the course has specific in-depth screenshare sections. We learn how to research trends across all strata of society and culture and generate dozens of great, saleable ideas, how to source all kinds of products from suppliers in the USA, how to put together unique packaged products and label them appropriately and finally how to launch and market your product effectively and using white hat tactics. Bonus material includes topics such as using the brand registry and protecting your product, marketing on Facebook, how to hire a VA, setting up PPC adverts on Amazon(and using them to find awesome keywords), setting up your own website, Shopify tips and tricks, wholesale sourcing, tradeshow advice and much more. We even talk about a variety of lesser known Amazon and non-Amazon platforms (Amazon Vendor Express, Handmade and more).

Do you show me exactly how to sell my product on Amazon?

Yes! I walk you through my process for creating a complete listing on Amazon. This includes a full walkthrough of affordably creating or sourcing Amazon compliant images plus a walkthrough of keyword research and analysis (using my own techniques plus Google Keyword Tool and our own Blue Sky Suite software). Our bonus material includes setting up a PPC campaign and white hat, Amazon compliant methods for getting reviews.

Is white labeling risky?

This course is NOT about high-risk activities such as importing from China and we avoid high risk products such as health supplements. Our focus is on US based manufacturers and reliable products.

Selling online or starting a business always carries risks but we discuss how to manage risks and address concerns such as liability, insurance, copyright infringement, CPSIA, FDA and more in simple, friendly terms, offering numerous resources for help and more information that may be relevant to your product.

I advocate starting small and testing your products on the market thoroughly before you invest heavily. I believe in aiming for success and fixing problems or difficulties before they become failures.

What do I need?

  • This course covers a number of platforms (Shopify, Facebook, Pinterest etc.) but we do recommend a basic knowledge of Amazon FBA before you start. If you are completely new, don't worry, it's easy to learn! Amazon Seller University videos are a complete video course available from Amazon for free and you can join our group Treasure Hunting with Katharyne! where you will find answers to many of your questions.

  • We recommend a pro-merchant account on Amazon which will cost $39.99 a month. It has a number of benefits but if you sell more than 40 items a month, it will also save you money.

  • Some categories on Amazon are application-only (gated). These include clothing, jewelry, shoes, luggage, groceries, health and beauty. Ungated (open) categories include books, stationery and office supplies, home/garden/kitchen, pets, baby and toys. You will need to be ungated for any category you plan to sell in. Please ask us about how to get ungated - you can do it yourself or we can recommend services to help you.

  • You do not need a big budget for this course and can start with nothing but we realistically recommend a starting inventory budget of around $500 to get the most out of your experience.

  • You do not need to buy anything from us. We don't sell inventory or equipment or take affiliate commission from any service we recommend.

  • Amazon's policy states all pro-merchants (even those just doing retail or online arbitrage) must have product liability insurance. In practice, they usually enforce this after a seller reaches $10,000 in sales for three consecutive months. We have a list of several insurers who may be able to provide you with the recommended insurance if this is a concern.

I signed up for the first run of Blue Sky White Label in Q4, 2015. What do I do?

You are being transitioned free to the new course and will receive the complimentary one month membership to the Blue Sky Suite. After that, you can choose to continue your subscription or not.

I signed up for the Bundle Masterclass before March 2016. What do I do?

If you would like to sign up for Blue Sky Create, there is a deep discount code for bundlers in the bundle facebook group. We would love for you to join us there!

Please ask Katharyne or Isaac if you have any difficulties finding it or signing up.

At this point, the bundle masterclass is being locked down to existing members. If you choose not to purchase Blue Sky Create, you will still have access to the bundle course until March 2017. We will probably not be adding any new members to the bundle Facebook group (except in special circumstances).

I signed up for Coloring / Facebook Magic before March 2015. What do I do?

You will have access to these courses until March 2017. There is a discount code in your facebook group for the new Blue Sky Create course. We would love for you to join us there!

Are you offering coaching or personal support?

Isaac and I work to answer as many questions as we can within reason but the volume can be overwhelming and sleep is sadly a necessity so we don't make guarantees on responsiveness. We recommend you join the ‘Blue Sky Create' Facebook group where you can ask questions to a group who are working on and solving similar challenges to you. Historically, our groups have been incredibly supportive and positive with quick and insightful answers coming from class members. We work to build enjoyable, happy and caring environments with bright, knowledgeable supporters.

If the course is not for me, is there a refund?

If you find the course isn't what you expect, please talk to us! Your enjoyment and success with the course is deeply important to us and we value great customer service. We ask that you talk to us because we commit hard to our courses and to you and we hope to give our students exactly what they expect. If it isn't working out for you for whatever reason, we will be happy to find a solution that suits you.