Blue Sky Market

Curate Mega Course  currate

Curate: CreateSpace, Merch, Gumroad, Public Domain, Copyright and MORE... Everything you need to build your digital inventory!

Create Mega Course create

This package includes our huge 15 hour White Label 'Create' Class PLUS: Bundles Masterclass, Selling in Sexual Wellness, Introduction to Coloring Books and Facebook Magic Marketing Class. Plus access to the private Blue Sky Create group.

ON Demand Mini Course ondemand

ON Demand: On Demand is a fast track introduction to safe drop shipping on Amazon Marketplace and optionally, Amazon Custom.

Introduction to Adult Coloring Books coloringbook

This short course focuses on how to make a marketable coloring book eve if you can't draw a stickman. We are proud of all our many students who have gone on to become published coloring book authors. Two of our alumni, Sasha O'Hara and Jordan Colton have achieved incredible success with their books.

Selling in Sexual Wellness on Amazon xxx

Many sellers shy away from this category and related products, yet it is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative niches in the US. From the 1 in 5 Americans with a disability to the 6,000 attendees at Anthrocon furry convention, Katharyne shows you which demographic are not being served in Amazon's catalogue and how you can fill those gaps.

Q3 - Back to School / Halloween q3

Prep early for next year, or apply this extensive course to your year-round business. Back to school is jampacked full of information about the education niche (January is a mini-back to school!) and our Halloween course is a wealth of wholesalers... cosplay, party novelties and spooky shenanigans from horror movies to cute costumes that will last all year.

Q4 - Make Money the Chill Way q4

Last minute cram for Christmas! Three classes, hundreds of resources including wholesalers, keywords, niches, gift lists, walkthrough videos, browser bookmarks and more. There's enough in this course to keep you going until next year.

Google Fu

Our intensive Google class. Learn how to get lists of awesome keyword suggestions (even using your competitor's Amazon listings) and analyse them with search volume data to pick the best keywords for your products. Plus, learn to spot and analyse trends, use Google Correlate for bundles, find royalty free artwork and more for your Merch shirts and white label products and use pro level Google search tools to find suppliers, sources and much more!

Giant retail sourcing directory
Bookmark Only Edition.

Over 1200 online stores, categorized for Amazon sellers

Giant retail sourcing directory
Bookmark + Spreadsheet Bundle.

Over 1200 online stores, categorized for Amazon sellers