Public Domain Wonderland

By Katharyne Shelton

Sir John Tenniel's original Alice in Wonderland illustrations are in the public domain. Lewis Caroll’s books are perennially popular but this is particularly exciting news while the new Looking Glass movie is in theaters.

Alice in Wonderland Public Domain

Why? Because you can do whatever you want with these pictures.

If you're making Merch shirts or coloring books, you can colorize, remix or add quotes to these images. You can hire an artist to intersect them with current trends to make Fourth of July Alice or punk rock Alice designs.

And actually... the text of the books is public domain too. You could switch out the illustrations completely and hire an artist to make a comic book, Alice in Wonderland with Cats, Alice in Zombieland or whatever other creative idea you have and publish it on CreateSpace.

And with back to school is coming up, the future is bright for Alice backpacks, pencil cases, lunch boxes, hoodies...

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